Coppa/Hospitality Group – Circular Innovation & Circular Leadership Congress

For its 25st anniversary Coppa/Hospitality Group organized the Circular Innovation & Circular Leadership Congress.  Coppa advises clients within healthcare and government with all their procurement issues. From professionalisation, sustainability and procurement to total outsourcing, contract management and interim procurement solutions. Hospitality Group creates attractive and excellently organised environments for working, learning, leisure and care. With […]

ISS Annual Innovation & Sustainability Day

ISS is a global facility management company employing over 350.000 people in more than 30 countries. Offering services in technical assistance, strategic workplace management, security, food supply and supporting front and back office services. For the annual ISS Innovation & Sustainability Day ISS invited 80 of their clients and business partners. Circular Ledership facilitated the […]

KPN Sustainability Day

Royal KPN NV operates as a supplier of telecommunications and information technology services. It serves private customers and business users in Western Europe with fixed and mobile networks for telephony, data and television. Through its ownership of several European Internet service providers, KPN provides Internet access to 2.1 million customers and business network services and […]

Evolución Sostenible Conference Costa Rica

Evolución Sostenible par AED is a platform in Costa Rica to generate value, raise awareness, share progress and best practices, engage companies, organisations and individuals with sustainability. Supporting in the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and business management taking into account ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations. Egbert was keynote speaker at the […]

AED License Training 

AED, Business Alliance for Development is a leading nonprofit public interest organization in Costa Rica, promoting responsible and sustainable business models. AED guides the productive sector to consider sustainability principles as part of its management, reducing negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts on society, environment and economy. AED is a forward-thinking organisation, well connected to its […]


Alianza Empresarial para el Desarrollo, AED the leading point of reference in Costa Rica on social responsibility and sustainability issues, is our partner for facilitating our programs in Costa Rica, Central America and the Caribbean.  AED is a forward-thinking organisation, well connected to its more than hundred members, representing Costa Rica’s most influential corporates, SME’s and […]

BUas Industry Day

Breda University of Applied Sciences, BUas, is a specialized and international university of applied sciences with 7.000 students, who follow a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the level of higher professional education or an Associate degree. In education and research BUas works on meaningful projects with professionals from the global working field. For BUas we […]


Al Jazeera’s flagship environmental program Earthrise recently high-lighted our VR Workshop. Please watch Amanda Burrel, the multiple award-winning documentary producer and environmental broadcaster. Please click here to watch ‘EARTHRISE’


Since the beginning of spaceflight in the 1960s’, mankind has witnessed a totally new experience: seeing the Earth from Space. This phenomenon, coined the Overview Effect by space philosopher Frank White in 1987, has a profound impact on all who experience it.  Watching Earth from space creates a powerful cognitive shift in awareness in how we […]