The Cornelissen Group is a progressive, international logistics family business with more than 1,200 dedicated team members and a fleet of 500 modern trucks. For nearly 90 years, Cornelissen has been involved in transportation and warehousing, placing high value on quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability.

Sustainability is strongly embedded within the organization, Cornelissen makes a positive contribution to the environment and customers in all forms of logistics services. The goal is to achieve a 50% CO2 reduction by 2028 and to be a forerunner in social responsibility and in the energy transition. They are doing this with electric vehicles and zero-emission refrigerated trailers, a private commercial truck loading plaza, solar panels, reusing pallets, reducing waste streams and reducing dependence on new raw materials.

Circular Leadership provided the VR Experience EARTH FROM SPACE® during the leadership day of with the theme: Zoom Out and Zoom In. With the “Overview” experience during the virtual space journey, participants experienced the ultimate zoom out moment, similar to what astronauts experience when they look at Earth from space (and then return as environmental ambassadors).

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