Children’s Foundation Ronald MacDonalds Homes

The Children’s Fund has been ensuring that sick children and their families can be close to each other for more than 35 years. A strong network of volunteers, donors and sponsors brings parents close to their sick child in Houses, Living Rooms and holiday homes. This is because sick children feel better with their parents, siblings close by. Parents maintain care better with a resting place close to their sick child.

The aim of the day was to jointly define climate and biodiversity ambitions and strategies. For the 70 volunteers, staff, management and board, the day began with our virtual space journey through which participants experienced the so-called Overview Effect. The experience that causes many astronauts to commit to the environment, biodiversity and a healthy planet after their return to Earth. Because they have seen, experienced and felt how beautiful, unique and vulnerable our earth is.

We then talked about how the biosphere, atmosphere and oceans have evolved over the past 50 years and what awaits us in the coming decades up to 2100.

In the afternoon, after an inspiring walk through the beautiful nature of the Utrecht Ridge around Landgoed Zonheuvel Hotel & Conference Centre Doorn, we talked in smaller groups about the ambitions, opportunities and thresholds of the Children’s Fund in the field of climate and biodiversity. Great that Circular Leadership could be an inspirator

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