Albert Heijn

How can food and drink contribute to a healthy, social and sustainable society? 🌍

During Albert Heijn’s week of publishes its 2023 Sustainability Report, the year in which we once again took big and small steps to achieve our mission ‘Making better food accessible together. For everyone.’ A lot has been done and there is still a lot to be done.

Albert Heijn sees it as their responsibility that the steps they take are as sustainable as possible. With positive attitudes and by applying our knowledge and skills, we want to contribute to a more sustainable world together with our partners and suppliers. For now and for future generations. To make our food system more sustainable, Albert Heijn is committed to producing food in smart ways, breaking eating patterns, packaging more sustainably and reducing food waste. And we offer customers products and solutions that enable them to make a difference too.

With Circular Leadership 75 teamleaders and 150 stakeholders were taken on a trip into space with our VR workshop. This way seeing our planet Earth from another perspective, stepping back away from our daily world provided a feeling of connection with our world and each other, emphasizing we all have the same goal.

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