ISS Annual Innovation & Sustainability Day

ISS is a global facility management company employing over 350.000 people in more than 30 countries. Offering services in technical assistance, strategic workplace management, security, food supply and supporting front and back office services.

For the annual ISS Innovation & Sustainability Day ISS invited 80 of their clients and business partners. Circular Ledership facilitated the closing key note speech in combination with our VR Workshop.

“Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?”. With this confrontational question, Egbert Mulder left the participants of ISS Netherlands’ annual Innovation & Sustainability Day after an impressive lecture and sensory experience about the disastrous consequences of climate change. 

Al Gore already spoke about “An Inconvenient Truth.” We let participants experience it for themselves via our virtual journey. At some point, images loom of the negative impact we as humanity are having on the planet. Burning forests, melting ice caps and smoking factories. They are uncomfortable images that you would prefer to ignore, but also prompt you to take action. Above all, Mulder’s presentation prompts visitors to feel urgency about the need for climate restoration. He also wants to instill in leaders a love for the earth, because, Mulder stated, “The climate crisis is primarily a leadership crisis.”¬†This impactful presentation was the closing keynote of yet another inspiring day.

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