Coppa/Hospitality Group – Circular Innovation & Circular Leadership Congress

For its 25st anniversary Coppa/Hospitality Group organized the Circular Innovation & Circular Leadership Congress. 

Coppa advises clients within healthcare and government with all their procurement issues. From professionalisation, sustainability and procurement to total outsourcing, contract management and interim procurement solutions. Hospitality Group creates attractive and excellently organised environments for working, learning, leisure and care. With a focus on people, the environment and materials and sustainable and creative solutions for hospitality, facility management, accommodation and procurement.

One of the participants wrote: “After 14 November, we never look at the world in the same way again. We were taken on a virtual journey in which we viewed our planet through the eyes of an astronaut. This helicopter view created a unique perspective on the changing earth and a growing awareness of the need for climate restoration. Thanks to the breathtaking journey through the universe and based on the latest scientific insights, Egbert Mulder made clear to participants how they can contribute to a circular future and create sustainable impact.” Review:

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