news june '24


In terms of climate, the first half of 2024 has begun catastrophically with an unprecedented number of extreme weather events across all continents. Climate change and severe biodiversity loss are accelerating on an unprecedented scale, while societies face increasing inequalities in wealth and access to opportunity.

Many companies still operate in the old paradigm of material gain while depleting resources, contributing (significantly) to some of our biggest problems, such as climate change, inequality, public health and biodiversity loss.

Fortunately, we are also seeing positive developments. For example, through the courageous action of Austrian Minister Leonore Gewessler, the European Nature Restoration Act has been saved. We also see for the first time a decrease in meat consumption in the EU as well as a decrease in fossil fuel use (and thus greenhouse gas emissions) among rich countries.

However, the pace of transformation is far too slow. With the current plans, we are still heading for a warming of well over 2.5 degrees Celsius. With this, large parts of the Earth will become unlivable and 40-50% of humanity will no longer be able to continue living in their current place of residence, due to failed harvests, forest fires, heat waves, lack of (drinking) water and floods.

open for registration VR workshop
E A R T H  F R O M  S P A C E®

The VR Workshop E A R T H F R O M S P A C E ® is a powerful tool in our curriculum.

Frequently we organise our VR Workshop E A R T H F R O M S P A C E ® in different venues. You can book a seat if you want to experience this virtual space journey.


  • The Overview Effect & Eco-activism
  • VR journey E A R T H  F R O M  S P A C E®
  • Life on Earth in three dimensions Biosphere, Atmosphere and Oceans and three time zones: 1970 – 2020 | 2030 – 2050 | 2050 – 2100
  • Action Perspective: How to Keep our Planet Habitable?

When: September 20 and November 8

Where: De Groene Afslag Naarden (NH)

For whom: Everyone who whishes to learn and experience how to accelerate sustainability.

Facilitator: Egbert Mulder

Duration: 13.00 – 17.00

Investment: € 125,- ex BTW 


We facilitate our VR Workshops and Masterclasses E A R T H  F R O M  S P A C E® for companies and organisations in different applications. By collectively participating in this workshop people jointly make the same journey and experience facts, figures and pictures from our Planet that will lead to new insights, a sense of urgency and concrete perspective to actions. Thus creating the right mood and a common ground for next steps.


Create a new purpose, vision, mission and values


Create a positive and sustainable culture Improve collaboration and engagement


Start sustainable actions and projects on the right foot


Align sustainable and financial targets


Strengthen relationships and define new targets, opportunities and strategies


Develop insights and competences with the Inner Development Goal